«Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.»

STUART H. BRITT, Canadian historian, culture critic, moviemaker, and musician.

Out of the Blue

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Blue Bees is an agency dedicated to image and strategy consulting.

Would you imagine seducing the woman or the man of your life getting to the appointment (you’ve been fighting to obtain), in pyjamas, with your hair tousled, without having taken a shower or having brushed your teeth ?
The answer is no ? This is to be welcomed…

And indeed, you will have probably thoroughly chosen your outfit, paid the highest attention to your general look, checked every single detail ten times in the mirror. In a nutshell, you will have taken care of the image you reflect.
Because you are well aware that your image is crucial.
All of this goes without saying

But… Do you care the same way about your business image ?

Nothing is less sure!

However, a business image, a brand image, is just as crucial. Here, for instance, think for a second… Aren’t there right away two or three bands immediately popping up to your mind? A logo, a motto, a product…
Which image? Does it actually fit you? Does it fit your strategy? What do you want to say? Who is the message directed at? what are your goals? Win new clients? Safeguard loyalty of your existing ones? Should we talk about reputation, notoriety?

Know your brand well, build a clear message in accordance with your strategy, define a design, a content, an ad hoc visual identity, conceive a unique brand territory, imagine relevant communication tools are all determining factors to ensure the success of your projects.
At Blue Bees, we take the time to share with you, to understand your business, to put our heads together to build a tailor made communication plan and an image that will look like you.

We won’t tell you more: we only offer tailored solutions…