«It is not enough to speak but to speak truth.»

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, PEnglish poet, playwright and writer.


Blue Bees is an agency dedicated to image and strategy consulting.

Our ecosystem is made up of a constellation of creative and reactive experts to make your project a success, from the design or redesign of your communication to the creation of your corporate events:

Strategy and global communication consulting, graphic artist and illustrator, developer, SEO and UX specialist, printer, lecturer, team building specialist, event manager, etc.

The genesis of Blue Bees?

Two strong women entrepreneurs:

CLAIRE LE MEUR, passionate lover of antiques and literature, who’s been sailing for more than twenty years between the world of communication and the world of art.

DELPHINE MICHARD-GRUNWALD, a contemporary art enthusiast, also steering Fifty Bees a company, which offers a unique global and tailor-made support to answer your needs as an entrepreneur : governance consulting, HR, accounting, finance, legal, social management, audit.